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City Council Discussion – Market Design Selection 2016

Request For Proposal – Charlottesville City Document

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City Council Discussion:

Charlottesville City Councilors Discuss City Market Design Selection

Each council member speaks as to why they selected Market Plaza (Woodard Properties) vs Market Square (the original proposal brought forth by vendors via Shank and Gray Architects that started the RFP process) even though the vendors so strongly preferred the easy access and similar historical parking lot layout of Market Square where they could still have their vehicles at their stands and had multiple access points. The appealing look and potential for 2 lot development overrides the potential problems of access and lack of vehicles for a unanimous decision to select Market Plaza (now known as West 2nd).

The Logistic problems of no vehicles, no large trucks, limited access setup and load out via elevators that now trouble the vendors so deeply were dismissed at this early stage relegating them as just details to be worked out in final design. However;  it is notable that  several Councilors remark about these logistic problems even at this juncture, and as they dismiss the only design presented to them that solved these problems.

New Developments:  Jan 2018

In a design or actually a redesign presentation meeting Sat 1/6/2018 10am to noon at The Old Metropolitan Hall on the downtown mall Charlottesville attending Vendors and Market patrons were presented with the opportunity to see the changes to the design in an attempt to bring more units and profitability to the West 2nd project by Woodard Properties newly selected design team .

The Vendors were quite upset at the idea of not having vehicles at their stalls and the absurdity of unloading thousands of pounds of produce via carts and elevators. The vendors were incredulous that the design presenter had never even been to the market and had the idea that at least some vendors could carry their entire stock in a couple of cases on a wheeled cart.

It was also revealed that in no part of the market area could a large pickup fit or remain during market (many vendors need their vehicles specifically for market) much less a refrigerated vehicle and vehicle height was restricted in the lower loading area.

Only a small portion of vendors attended (notification via RSVP invitation) so many vendors may be unaware of the situation. The design team promised to work with vendors but felt their hands were tied in several aspects such as not being able to close South St during market hours as originally indicated in their design response to the RFP.

Critical Requirements that seem to be forgotten…

 Required Elements
Interested developers must accommodate the current operations of the City Market in their proposals. The market currently has 115 stalls which include 102 on Site and 13 in the 1st street right of way. Respondents are encouraged to review the Charlottesville Market District Feasibility Study for relevant information about the market and its requirements including the desired amenities for an improved market such as electricity, water, shelter, seating and restrooms. The minimum size for each market stall is
100 square feet.

– Interested developers must incorporate a vertical mixed-use development that recognizes the value of the Site as one of the few remaining undeveloped sites in the downtown area.

– Interested developers must design a development that provides significant on-Site parking facilities. A proposal that offers to provide 102 public parking spaces on non-market days is highly desirable.

The full RFP:


Video of Council Decision Meeting 6/16/2014:

go to City Market Design discussion begins 03:05:00 runs thru 03:30:00

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